Diversified Suppliers is a national full service account receivables management business process outsourcing firm specializing in debt collections and supplier diversity fulfillment.

We provide concierge-style services to both public and private client business partners, servicing consumer and commercial A/R portfolios. Our B.P.O solutions provide client organizations with a complete suite of tools and resources, coupled with experienced leadership and management through the life cycle of the relationship. Therefore, ensuring excellent client and consumer-centric focus to maintain brand and secure client customer continuity.

Diversified Suppliers experienced hands on methodology and use of proprietary customer relations management systems guarantee the highest industry liquidation probability rates and client ROI, while observing and maintaining strict industry regulatory compliance. DS, in conjunction with our strategic partnerships and industry affiliates, are positioned to serve and provide best-in-breed technology, analytics, and in 1st party, 3rd party, billing and collections, commercial billing, and customized A/R solutions.

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Diversified Suppliers. (DSI) is a full-service national accounts receivable management (ARM) business process outsourcing firm that specialize in 1st party, 3rd party, billing and collections, commercial billing, and customized A/R solutions.


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DSI is fully prepared to meet the demands of corporate supplier diversity initiatives.

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